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Insert AI-generated text and imagery into Adobe Creative Cloud documents via the free Oppolis AI extension for InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InCopy.
Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

The future of print and digital marketing

In recent years, artificial intelligence has embedded itself within the marketing sector and is used for a range of applications, from customer services and lead generation, to insights and feedback, all with the aim of providing marketeers a better understanding of their target audiences.

These AI tools make it easier to determine what users respond to, which in turn ensures that any future campaigns or promotions are delivered efficiently and effectively.

Introducing AI tools into the content creation phase of marketing delivery has opened up a whole world of possibilities.

Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud

Enhance any creative project with AI integration across a range of Adobe applications

Adobe InDesign
Desktop publishing & document layout
Adobe Photoshop
Digital art & photography
Adobe Illustrator
Vector graphic edit & design
Adobe InCopy
Word processing & copy editing

A range of creative work management solutions

At Oppolis, we've been developing software to improve the workflows of creative sector businesses for over 20 years. Visit our main website to discover more about the solutions we offer: oppolis.com

OpenAI - ChatGPT & Dall-E

The Oppolis AI extension for Adode Creative Cloud harnesses machine-learning technology from OpenAI to generate creative content.

OpenAI is the developer behind ChatGPT, which is an open-source conversational AI technology, and Dall-E, which combines text input with visual elements to create original images.

An OpenAI API key is required to run the Oppolis AI extension.

Discover more about OpenAI and create a free account here: OpenAI

Using the Oppolis AI extension

Adding content to Adobe Creative Cloud documents

AI -generated text and imagery can now be injected directly into Adobe CC documents, to enhance design mock-ups and drafts, or to kick-start the whole creative process.

Via the Oppolis AI extension, enter prompt text (in the same way as you would interact with any current AI chat engine) and then the supplied text or images can then be pasted directly into the Adobe document. If the AI response isn’t relevant or needs refining, add further information until the desired result is reached.

And all without ever having to leaving the Adobe design application.

Translate text, update word counts or change formats and narrative style

Adobe InDesign have access to even more functionality by right-clicking on any text box within a document. If they then select 'Process with Opoolis AI' they have the ability to translate text, convert it to a headline, bullet points, or a list. They can also change the word count and narrative style of the selected copy.
Select an action
Convert the selected text to a headline, numbered list, translate it or try any one of the other nine preset actions.
Update the word count
Select one of the preset word counts from the drop-down or free-type a specific number.
Experiment with different styles
Change the style of the text to be more sales driven, authoritative, or any of the preset options.

Kick-start creativity with Oppolis AI

Free to install and use

Completely free to download and use. No sign up required.

Syncs seamlessly with ChatGPT

Add the API key from your free ChatGPT account to get started.

AI-generated content for Adobe CC

Insert AI content into Adode CC documents with a single click.

A world of possibilities

Generate full articles, headlines, subtext, social media imagery and taglines.

Translation on the fly

Highlight text to be translated and select a language to convert copy.

A boost in productivity

Download in minutes and set up in seconds. Save hours of design time.

Simple to use, simple to install

Step 1: Download the extension from Adobe Exchange: Oppolis AI

Ensure you log out of all Adobe applications before attempting to install the extension.
Step 2: Sign into ChatGPT and copy your API key from the 'personal' menu in the top-right hand corner of the website. Click here: platform.openai.com/account/api-keys
Step 3: With the Oppolis AI extension installed, open the 'preferences' panel and paste your ChatGPT API key into the field.
Step 4: Choose a location to store your AI-generated images.
Step 5: Hit 'save'.
That's it! You're good to go.
If you encounter an issues installing the extension, refer to the installation guide on the Adobe Exchange website.

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